Decorative concrete acid staining is an inexpensive yet beautiful way to refinish an existing concrete floor. In the past, we’ve written about how to acid stain your concrete floors yourself. For this article, however, we wanted to give you a few ideas of what decorative acid staining concrete can look like to help inspire your next project.

Acid Stain Colours

Acid Stains come in a variety of different colours. The chart below shows you the various different hues commonly used in acid staining and what the finished product will look like depending on the finish of your concrete.

Acid staining colours


Single Tone Acid Stain

Below are examples of what concrete looks like after the staining process. Click on the photo to see the original source.


outside concrete staining







kitchen acid staining

dark acid stain kitchen






hallway acid stain

dual tone acid stain









blue stained concrete

dual toned blue floor










Advanced Concrete Staining

Acid staining can also be used to make interknit patterns in the concrete











brown and green livingroom floor stained concrete

multi-colour stained floor









stone like acid stained floor









I hope this has inspired and given you some ideas for your next concrete acid staining project. If you have any questions about acid staining, or any other concrete coatings and treatments, contact us anytime.