Planning a backyard pool makeover? Consider using the ultimate design flexibility of stamped concrete. In the past, we’ve talked about using stamped concrete in your home, your patio or your driveway, but another excellent place to use it is around your pool. Stamped concrete offers a wide variety of design possibilities at a low-cost. Don’t just stand at your window staring into the snow like Clark Griswold, RestoreAll Concrete can do the job for you, all you need to do is dream up a design. 

Stamped Concrete vs Patio Pavers

The traditional choice for pool decks are paver stones, which are installed side-by-side with a sand filling holding them in place. This option has been used for many years and is a classic and dependable choice, but they do not offer the same flexibility and  creative design options that concrete stamping does. From an installation point of view, paver stones can take much longer due to being installed one piece at a time, whereas concrete is simply poured and stamped all at once. Overtime patio pavers can settle into the ground and become loose, becoming a tripping hazard. Stamped concrete will not settle or shift, and though cracks may occur overtime, by choosing a textured finish you can avoid having them show. You’ll also never need to worry about weeds growing through stamped concrete, or ants burrowing up from below as you do with traditional patio pavers.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Designs

The biggest advantage of stamped concrete is its flexibility in terms of design and installation. If you have an unusual layout in mind, or are limited by your property, the flexibility of stamped concrete allows you to create whatever kind of plan you can dream up. Stamped concrete can be textured to look like marble, stone, wood, brick, slate etc. A wide variety of colour options let your imagination run wild and make it a perfect choice for a pool enclosure. You can even add in stamped designs such as family crests, logos or unique shapes and patterns that will make your backyard truly one of a kind. Finishing your stamped concrete pool deck with a non-slip finish will make it safe for the whole family.Stamped concrete pool design

Maintaining your Stamped Concrete

Your stamped concrete pool deck will require very little maintenance besides resealing it every few years to help protect it and stop colour fading. Be sure to ask your installer which sealer they recommend you use. As with all concrete, some hairline cracks may occur over the years, but a professional company like RestoreAll will properly prep the base before pouring your concrete deck in order to help prevent large cracks and allow it to last for many years. Other general upkeep guidelines include keeping it clear of debris such as leaves, and removing stains when you notice them. 

Stamped Concrete Adds to Property Value

By adding a one of a kind pool deck to your home, you’ve increased your property value and made an impression on any future buyers. Nothing stands out from the crowd like a unique, carefully designed and professionally installed backyard pool oasis. Contact us at RestoreAll for a free quote and make your backyard dreams a reality.