No matter what your personal style is, you can get the look you love with concrete finishing options. Concrete is durable and less expensive than many of the typical materials used for modern, rustic, vintage and traditional home designs. Because concrete is adaptable to a variety of finish options, you can use stamps, colour, aggregates, stains, stencils and more for an incredible array of applications.

Concrete can be useful both indoors and out, so you can produce unique architectural details and landscaping structures. With custom concrete forms, moulds can be used to create more than home foundations. Concrete is ideal for a whole host of other applications including retaining walls, countertops, fireplaces, and even indoor and outdoor furnishings.11

With so many unique uses, you are limited only by your own creativity, and to the skill of your concrete contractor in realizing your vision.

Concrete in Modern Design

Concrete lends itself to modern design because it can have sharp clean lines make a space feel uncluttered. One of the hallmarks of modern design is the use of timeless, natural materials and concrete can be slightly imperfect; this adds to the charm. Also common in modern design is a high-gloss finish. Concrete can be finished with epoxy for a lasting shine that is stunning on floors and countertops.

Modern furnishings can also be produced using concrete, (such as table tops, surfaces). Furnishings using concrete tend to have an industrial, linear look which is very popular.

Concrete Finishing high gloss floor

Concrete Finishing for Rustic Design

If concrete lends itself to the sharp, clean edges for modern design, it is equally useful for the rough, organic look of rustic design. Edges can be left unpolished, for a softer more natural look. Common ways to finish concrete for rustic applications would include acid-staining and concrete stamping in a variety of colours and textures. You can commonly see this in outdoor spaces such as patios, where the textured look is practical as well. It naturally makes a non-slip surface that’s good for pool-side.

The use of concrete indoors can complement a rustic home with earthy colours in flooring, fireplaces and table tops. Rustic design gets better over time it ages and since the look is imperfect from the beginning, wear and tear from use only adds to the charm.

Vintage-Style Concrete Finishing

While rustic design is ideal for cabins and cottages, vintage is a weathered look on a piece that that was originally quite polished. Because concrete is a natural material that has been used architecturally for centuries, it looks authentically ‘old’. The look of concrete ages well over time.

Some examples of the use of concrete in vintage design would be, Victorian style bird-baths or decorative finials, which are made using concrete forms.

Tried-and-True Traditional Concrete Finishing

Your concrete contractor will have a variety of concrete forms, many of which are based upon commonly used patterns and designs. These include popular stamps such as flagstone, or patio pavers. These stamps can be used on driveways, walkways, patios and poolside. With the skilled hand of an experienced concrete contractor, you can get a remarkably uniform design with a classic finish that looks like individual pieces of stone.

Today’s concrete has changed dramatically from the concrete you may remember from your childhood. Modern additives, stains and finish methods make it more resilient and useful than ever. When it’s done well, it can make a space appear cool and modern or warm and inviting and it’s fun to explore the many uses of it beyond your home’s foundation.

RestoreAll Concrete offers a variety of concrete finishing options including stained concrete,  concrete stamping, acid etching and garage floor refinishing. Take a look through our before and after images on our website to get some concrete finishing inspiration, then contact us for a free estimate.