Carbon fiber used to reinforce foundationsEmecole and Fortress Stabilization Systems have partnered to introduce Carbon Fiber / Kevlar technology in the form of Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid Straps, the next step in permanent foundation stabilization. The hybrid grid strap system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fibers woven together by Kevlar strands. Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid Straps are designed for stabilizing both poured concrete and block walls. Due to the extreme high strength to weight ratio, carbon fiber reinforcement is the repair material of choice for bowed basement walls, bridge columns, and concrete beams to restore and maintain structural integrity.

Carbon fiber is a proven alternative to steel for reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications. Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete. It is superior to steel since it is stronger, lighter weight and non-corrosive. It also can be bonded to the surface of a concrete structure at any time to stop bowing and cracking. This allows limitless applications for new construction and repairs.

In addition to Carbon Fiber Straps, our Kevlar Neckties provide a secure anchorage system to further stabilize a foundation that has moved inwards as a  result of top wall movement. Kevlar Neckties may be used in conjunction with Carbon Fiber Straps or Carbon Fiber Staples further enhance the structural reinforcement of a foundation wall