You only get one first impression, and if your house is sitting at the top of cracked and crumbling precast steps – it probably isn’t a good one. Viewing your home from the fresh perspective of a potential buyer or new neighbor can give you an idea of where to make some changes. Winter can be especially tough on your front steps, with salt, ice and shoveling taking its toll each year. Tackling the challenge of your front steps or porch doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know how straightforward it can be. Starting your spring house maintenance with this task is made easier with help from the professionals at RestoreAll.

Crumbling Precast Steps Make Your Home Look Older

Before online house shopping, prospective buyers would do a walk or drive by of your house before booking a showing with their real estate agent. That first impression would make the difference between a possible sale or none, and so “Curb Appeal” became extremely important. Realtors will say that your home appears to have a higher value when it is immaculate from the street. A well-maintained home is worth more to a buyer, and a crumbling and cracked precast concrete steps or porch can look like an expensive and messy repair. The good news is that precast steps can be quite easy to repair – they might not need to be removed or replaced at all.

Concrete Steps Restoration

Rough Steps Pose a Major Slip and Fall Risk

Good looks and resale value aside, there is another far more important reason to fix your front porch steps – your safety and the safety of others. Unintentional falls are the most common form of injury across Canada, causing more than 1,800 people to end up in the emergency room every day. The average length of a hospital stay after a fall was 14 days, which can seriously affect almost every aspect of your life. In our climate where ice and snow are common, it’s especially important to make your front steps as safe as you can.

Fix your Precast Concrete Steps to Look Better and Be Safer

The good news is that most of the time rather than replace them entirely, your precast steps can be repaired. Restorative concrete crack repair is done by using an overlay which is durable, easy to clean, textured to be non-slip, winter salt resistant, and looks beautiful. If your steps are in fairly good condition you can apply a concrete overlay to them yourself, but be sure to follow the product instructions properly or it might just flake off again next winter. If there is major crumbling and cracking it’s wiser to hire a professional to perform concrete work for you.

Concrete Steps Restoration

We all want our homes to be beautiful and safe. Don’t put off resurfacing your front steps until it’s too late for them, give them a makeover today. Contact us for a free quote.