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Concrete Driveway Resurfacing & Other Spring Repairs

The weather is warming up quickly, but along with the start of a beautiful summer season comes the not-so-beautiful home repairs. You’ve spent a good portion of the winter months clearing snow off your driveway, but now that you can see it clearly you might notice it needs some TLC. Winter can be very damaging to driveways in Canada with ice, salt, plows, and the freeze-thaw cycle all taking a toll. It’s important to address these driveway issues when you notice them and do some simple repairs before they get any worse.

Concrete Crack Repair

Hairline cracks in your concrete driveway are inevitable and fixing them is just a part of maintaining a large concrete surface. The key is to take care of them as they appear to help prevent them from widening and creating worse problems down the ro... [Read more]

Why Repairing Your Cracked and Crumbling Precast Steps Shouldn’t Wait

You only get one first impression, and if your house is sitting at the top of cracked and crumbling precast steps - it probably isn’t a good one. Viewing your home from the fresh perspective of a potential buyer or new neighbor can give you an idea of where to make some changes. Winter can be especially tough on your front steps, with salt, ice and shoveling taking its toll each year. Tackling the challenge of your front steps or porch doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know how straightforward it can be. Starting your spring house maintenance with this task is made easier with help from the professionals at RestoreAll.

Crumbling Precast Steps Make Your Home Look Older

Before online house shopping, prospective buyers would do a walk or drive by of your house before booking a showing with... [Read more]

Get the Look: Modern, Rustic, Vintage and Traditional with Concrete Finishing Options

No matter what your personal style is, you can get the look you love with concrete finishing options. Concrete is durable and less expensive than many of the typical materials used for modern, rustic, vintage and traditional home designs. Because concrete is adaptable to a variety of finish options, you can use stamps, colour, aggregates, stains, stencils and more for an incredible array of applications.

Concrete can be useful both indoors and out, so you can produce unique architectural details and landscaping structures. With custom concrete forms, moulds can be used to create more than home foundations. Concrete is ideal for a whole host of other a... [Read more]

The Important First Step in Foundation Crack Repair – Find the ‘Root Cause’

It’s a scenario that causes stressed-out homeowners: a leaky basement.  This should be avoided at all costs because it can lead to extensive damage and create the perfect environment for a mould problem. Mould can be tricky to eliminate, it causes an unpleasant odour and it can even make you sick. To prevent this, you’ll need to ensure foundation cracks are repaired promptly. There are many causes of foundation cracks, though trees are usually blamed as the culprit. It’s usually more a case of poor drainage in the area around the foundation, not a direct result of growing tree roots.  A good foundation contractor can usually isolate the cause, and this is as important to address as the problem itself.  

Ground Settling – The Type of Soil Matters

Typ... [Read more]

How to Use Epoxy Concrete Coating for a Beautiful and Durable Floor

Epoxy Concrete Coating is a great choice to decorate your floors. There are a variety of colours that add flawless, smooth and elegant shine or it can be arranged in traditional or personalized patterns and designs. Concrete finishers are an economical way to upgrade plain concrete and improve the ambience of a room. Epoxy Concrete Coating is a popular choice in industrial or institutional facilities, high traffic facilities (like malls), hospitals, restaurants, garages and homes. Its popularity is in part due to the colour and design versatility and in part due to its durability, longevity and minimal maintenance. Epoxy is also hot tire resistant and chemical resistant, making it the perfect choice for garages.

Why Install Epoxy Concrete Coating Floors?

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • ... [Read more]

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Driveway Concrete Stamping

Is your driveway ready for an overhaul? You can fix and increase curb appeal and the durability of your driveway with decorative driveway concrete stamping.

What is Concrete Stamping?

Concrete Stamping is concrete that has been patterned, textured or embossed with a stamp to look like various textures. It can be made to look like flagstone, slate, wood, tile, stone bricks or a combination of these. Decorative concrete stamping can be done in a variety of coatings, colours, sealer sheens and an assortment of stamps making it highly versatile and customizable. Due to its realistic and durable nature, you can find decorative concrete in patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks or in houses as a replacement for tiles. Driveway concrete stamping is an easy and economical way to increase the curb appeal and durabili... [Read more]

Decorative Concrete Acid Staining Inspirations | Restore All Concrete

Decorative concrete acid staining is an inexpensive yet beautiful way to refinish an existing concrete floor. In the past, we’ve written about how to acid stain your concrete floors yourself. For this article, however, we wanted to give you a few ideas of what decorative acid staining concrete can look like to help inspire your next project.

Acid Stain Colours

Acid Stains come in a variety of different colours. The chart below shows you the various different hues commonly used in acid staining and what the finished product will look like depending on the finish of your concrete. [Read more]

The Best Way to Fix Basement Leaks

Water damage is every homeowner's nightmare and the basement is the most common place to find water because it's the lowest point in your home. If the water’s not dealt with the right away, it can be very costly to both your health, in the form of mold and other infections and respiratory issues, and to your bank account. The key is to find, assess the damage, and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Our job is to fix leaky basements in Calgary. Basement leaks can come from many different sources and all have their various fixes and price tags. In this article, we’ll discuss how to trace, assess and fix common water problems stemming from your foundation, eavestroughs, pipes, and sewers.


Foundation repair is inevitable. Especially in a climate like ours where the temperature goes from one extreme to the other. It doesn’t matter if your house is three... [Read more]

The Best Way to Prevent a Leaking Basement

It’s that time of year again, when the weather becomes warmer, the trees begin to leaf, and the snow begins to melt. With the melting snow comes water - and lots of it. With over half of North American homeowners having some degree of moisture in their basement, taking the proper precautions to avoid a flooded basement is not only a great idea, it could save you a lot of money in the future.

Assessing The Costs

Taking preventative measures, as well as fixing most leaking basement situations (as long as there are no cracks or structural damages to the foundation), can be fixed in a few hours and cost no more than a couple hundred dollars. If you discover hairline fractures in the cinder blocks where water is beginning to seep in, don’t panic, they can be fixed relatively easily and cost an additional $50 or so over the cost of the preventative measures. If while ... [Read more]

Top 5 Things Household Owners Must Know About Foundation Repair

For many homeowners, the words “foundation repair” can elicit feelings of alarm, and even terror. Images of excavators and back hoes ripping up carefully cultivated gardens or homes collapsing at the corners come to mind--and always alongside astronomical invoices. Leaky basements and cracked walls often lead to these woeful words “foundation repair,” causing much worry and concern. However, in many cases addressing the need for the repairs need not be a cause for alarm. By arming yourself with some helpful information on the subject you will not only ward off frightful feelings you can be sure to avoid those hefty invoices, too. In this article we address some common questions like

  • How common are foundation cracks?
  • How often should you have to repair a foundation?
  • How to know when your foundation is in need of repair?
  • [Read more]

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