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Luxurious Stamped Concrete Tiles Tutorial

Spice Up Your Patio with Concrete Stamping

Decorative stamped concrete has the durability of concrete but the beauty of tiles. Stamped concrete has become more and more popular by the day. The versatility and longevity of stamped concrete means it can be found anywhere within the home from countertops, back splashes in the kitchen to beautiful textured concrete driveways. With the right experienced professional, stained concrete can look like marble, slate, wood or terra cotta. Concrete rubber stamps are now being manufactured in over a hundred different patterns that mimic the luxurious feel of natural stone and other materials.

What is Stamped Concrete Exactly?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been patterned, textured or embossed to resemble various textures like brick, flagstone, tile, wood, stone, slate or many other pa... [Read more]

How to Fix Concrete Floor Cracks in Your Garage Floor

“Cracks come to the job along with the concrete, riding in the same truck!”
It’s the keeper of your goods, your memory storage centre of the home, your vehicle’s haven, and your “indoor-outside”. Your garage has been through a lot, but it has never let you down, so why would you let it’s surface deteriorate. Concrete as a garage floor can be one of the strongest, most durable and long lasting materials you can use. But like anything made of concrete, including sidewalks and the rest of your foundation “Cracks come to the job along with the concrete, riding in the same truck”, and are going to happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to just leave them. You’ve got a crack... [Read more]

Why Newly Poured Concrete Cracks

You finally invested the money to lay down a whole new concrete floor in your basement, garage, shop or factory. It’s quite the investment, which is why it needs to be done right the first time. If installed correctly, concrete can be one of the strongest, most durable and long lasting materials you can use. The concrete was poured and cured just a few days ago and you are noticing a crack. In this article we will go over some of the reasons why concrete cracks sometimes immediately after it cures.

Why do Concrete Cracks Occur?

There are many reasons why a newly poured concrete foundation can start to crack shortly after it cures. Not all cracks are problematic as many times when new concrete cures and things settle cracks in foundations and walls are quite common. Learn [Read more]

Foundation Crack Repair – Is The Crack in Your Basement a Problem?

How to Know If the Crack in your Basement Needs Repair

Not all cracks in your foundation are a sign of a major catastrophe and need immediate repair. It’s that time of year Crack Needs Foundation Crack Repairwhen the ground freezes, the ground defrosts, the water tables goes up and sometimes your concrete basement walls start to shift and crack as the ground around it expands and contracts. If your concrete basement is relatively new, sometimes cracks occur during the curing process of the concrete. There are also many different types of cracks. All of which are not detrimental to the structural integrity of your concrete basement. As Mike Holmes advises “if a dime can fit into... [Read more]

Carbon Fiber Stabilization Products for Foundation

Carbon fiber used to reinforce foundationsEmecole and Fortress Stabilization Systems have partnered to introduce Carbon Fiber / Kevlar technology in the form of Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid Straps, the next step in permanent foundation stabilization. The hybrid grid strap system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fibers woven together by Kevlar strands. Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid Straps are designed for stabilizing both poured concrete and block walls. Due to the extreme high strength to weight ratio, carbon fiber reinforcement is the repair material of choice for bowed basement w... [Read more]

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